Pottu Amman ALIVE

“Pottu Amman is alive and Intelligence unit under his guidance has started its operation in full swing” says Interpol.
Srilankan government that has showed a dead body as Prabhakaran in May 2009 has still not shown appropriate proof for Pottu Amman’s death. This gives lot of hopes to Tamil Diaspora that Pottu Amman is indeed alive though there is doubt in minds of people whether Prabhakaran is alive or not .

Instead of becoming cautious , Srilankan Government has issued a refusal statement saying that Pottu Amman and his wife committed suicide during the last days of Eelam war and since they blew themselves , their body has not been found at all till this day.
On further interrogating, we came to know that Investigative department of Srilanka was on search for Pottu Amman even after the end of the war. It seems that they caught an ex LTTE Cadre, Prabha who had declared them that Pottu was operating with Code name “Kuruvi”. The intelligence unit of SLA had then searched for Kuruvi and even traced to have taken shelter in Velvethai Area. When the intelligence finally made to that place, Kuruvi had already escaped.

It looks like that evidence provided by Srilankan Government to India on the death of Prabhakaran and Pottu Amman was not accepted by Interpol as valid evidence and hence Interpol has now started searching for Pottu Amman.
KP was arrested by Srilankan Intelligence some months before and this some people say was an enacted drama. As per them there was some internal RIFT between different factions of LTTE especially after KP announcing himself as the new LTTE Chief. It is said that when the rift widened, Pottu came out of hiding and it seems have sent some important instructions after which KP was arrested.

The news of Pottu Amman interacting with remaining Cadres has somehow reached Interpol which has now put Pottu Amman’s Name on the search list. Srilankan Government is now worried on the same to such a extent that one of the Defense personnel has given a statement to media persons that some people close to LTTE are still searching for their Leader and Deputy Leader.

It also looks like, an imminent political Leader from TN had received secret message which states that “We are fine and we are almost ready to come out and carry on the armed struggle”. It seems that five other important EELAM loyalist in TN have received this message.

Srilankan Government announcement of suicidal death of Pottu Amman and his wife after around 6-7 months post war itself has raised doubts about the authenticity of the news. Some Eelamist say that eelam supporters have organised for a secret meeting in France and Pottu Amman is likely to make short appearance on the same”
When we asked them whether Pottu Amman would not take charge of LTTE or not, they replied us with a smile that “There is no need for the same”


Voice of Tigers LIVE

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A message to all Tamils worldwide and those who stand in solidarity with the Tamil people – an exciting new website is now available at http://thetamileelam.com – you can view much up-to-date information concerning the struggle for self-determination and human rights for Tamils in occupied Tamil Eelam, find out how to light a candle for Hero’s Day (Maaveerar Naal) and link up with other supporters via the Tamil Eelam forum: http://thetamileelam.com/forum – please visit and give this stellar operation your full support! Onward Tamil Eelam!

A Message from US Committee to Support the LTTE

The Black Tigers are special wing of the LTTE who compose of specially selected and trained LTTE soldiers whose missions give them little chance of survival. The Black Tigers may even commit suicide if needed in order to complete their mission. They are considered to be one of the most lethal and effective suicide groups in the world. More than 330 Black Tigers have died in various actions on land and sea, almost all in Sri Lanka.

The first Black Tiger was Vallipuram Vasanthan, who drove a small truck laden with explosives into a Sri Lanka Army camp in Nelliady, Jaffna peninsula, on 5 July 1987, killing himself and between 39-100 Sri Lankan soldiers. Immediately after the attack, regular LTTE cadres followed up, overwhelming the stunned SLA soldiers. This single attack was hugely effective, and proved vital in the dismantling the Sri Lankan Army’s operation – dubbed Operation Liberation .

During the earlier phase of the Tamil Tigers’ military session it did not possess heavy conventional weapons that were required to attack large camp camps. To mount such an attack, costly weaponries such as artillery pieces, missiles, and fighter-bombers would have been needed – weapons that were not affordable by the LTTE. As a result, they decided to create a special wing, of Asymmetric warfare, in order to compensate for the lack of conventional weapons. Consequently, it is not the act itself—killing by suicide—that is the Black Tigers’ original or even main aim, but the military impact of the act and it’s strategic consequences.

Black Tigers are drawn from the regular ranks of the LTTE and they write request letters to Pirabakaran requesting to be selected. According to the LTTE, Pirabakaran then goes through the applications, looking at the applicant’s particular skills, the kinds of missions he or she has been involved in, their motivations and their family situation. Are they an only son or daughter? Do they have dependents? All these things are considered, after which the applicant is told whether he can become a Black Tiger. Furthermore, they also claim that a deep humanitarianism is very necessary—a love of others, for the people—to become a Black Tiger. Once someone is selected to be in the Black Tigers, they are thought to go through 6 months of arduous training which is devoted to building up mental strength and honing the specific skills for particular kinds of operation. For seaborne missions, for example, Black Sea Tigers must presumably master various maritime skills, as divers must learn to use breathing apparatus. Much training presumably develops the same discipline of body and mind required by an elite professional soldier as in any unit of this sort anywhere in the world. This mental preparation is crucial if one is to wait to be called on for a mission perhaps quite some time in the future, specially in the LTTE because the emphasis on personal discipline is very strong throughout the LTTE. The extensive training of their suicide units separates the Black Tigers from other suicide bombers around the world.

Tim Martin, a former aid worker and the Campaign Director of Act Now, is on an indefinite hunger strike outside Parliament, London since Monday 18th May. Tim is calling upon US President Obama to intervene in the crisis in Sri Lanka and has presented a clear list of demands to protect the civilian population from further devastation. Tim’s full letter to the American president was delivered to the American Embassy on the first day of his hunger strike.

Tim has lived and worked as an aid worker in the northern region of Sri Lanka, the area where the conflict has been taking place, and seen the scale of the mistreatment of Tamils firsthand. Even though the war is now over thousands of lives are still at risk, thousands of innocent civilians and POWs are currently not receiving proper medical treatment and if emergency treatment is not made available in the immediate future thousands more civilians will die.

The United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, who has recently visited the war-torn area, went to a field hospital where there were over a 100 elderly patients, some with gaping wounds and clearly malnourished, lying on blankets exposed to the elements.

There has also been extremely disturbing reports from a number of news agencies regarding the atrocious conditions in the detention (concentration) camps. For example, the spread of chicken pox and Hepatitis, a large number of rape cases, the lack of food leading to a number of cases of starvation and inadequate medical treatment, and in some camps there is only one doctor per 40,000 civilians.

Please send the following letter which repeats Tim’s demands as per the instructions below. Please do this now as time is of the essence to save the Tamil people.